eBook and DRM

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Your Guide to eBook Conversion

eBooks are published in multiple formats and getting them from one format to the other can undoubtedly be a complicated process. There are two situations you're likely to run into when you're trying to convert eBooks. The first is that the eBook is protected by DRM and the second that it is not. We will cover both in this article.

If Your eBook is Protected by DRM

DRM is a system which is used by some eBook retailers, such as the Amazon Kindle Store, to prevent people from making copies of the eBooks, and sharing them with others who they have not been authorised to. If your eBook is in a format that is protected by DRM, then it will be challenging, and may even be illegal, for you to strip the DRM from it to convert it. If you want to get the eBook on a device that is not compatible, you may have to repurchase it.

If Your eBook Is Not Protected by DRM

Thankfully, if your eBook is unprotected, then you have a far easier job to do. YouTube videos such as the one below will explain the basics of getting your eBook from one format to another.

There are also several online services which will be able to handle the process for you. All that you need to do is simply upload your eBook, wait a few moments, and a download will be available in the format of your choice.